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Caster Series

Caster Series LED LAMPHEADSCategory Home

Soft, Portable, Tuneable White Light

ARRI introduces the LED Caster Series - high output, low heat, low power consuming units that offer a tuneable white light source. A special optical design provides single shadow rendering and adjustments over a range of correlated color temperatures. Since the Caster Series offers a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, colors appear more vivid and lifelike on digital and film media compared to other units that use single color white or RGB LED configurations.

What truly makes these LED units unique is the shadow quality. Casters emulate a single source, which results in a single shadow. Therefore, the Caster Series can be effectively “cut” with a barndoor or flag. Most other LED fixtures, with multiple LED “points”, give multiple shadows and often-times chromatic aberration from different colors of the LEDs. However, these ARRI units have a mixing chamber, so all the colors mix, within the unit - providing a single source.

There are two versions in the LED Caster Series, the LoCaster and the BroadCaster. They offer high output, yet very low power consumption while in a housing that only weighs 2lbs. Both units utilize the same optical principles and the same housing. Each consumes 35W of power and outputs about 550 candelas with a beam angle of 66°

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The ARRI LoCaster features an easy to use onboard controller with a choice of six color temperature...

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The ARRI BroadCaster incorporates a built-in DMX controller for remote control and offers versatili...

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